FOPELDA, SA is a portuguese company dedicated to the manufacture of bakery, pastry, catering and beverage services.

The high quality of the products and the continuous commitment to high standards of Quality and Food Safety are key factors for the success of FOPELDA, SA that aims to increase its projection in the domestic market and to bet in the international markets.

Aware of market challenges in the food sector, FOPELDA, SA has adopted the requirements of the Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and the Food Safety Management System (IFS Food) in all food manufacturing related activities


FOPELDA, SA’s mission is to provide safe and high quality food, complying with legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction, optimizing the management of all its resources and conquering new market sectors by asserting itself as a leader. Panetto brand in the marketing of “well food” bakery products.s and conquering new market sectors by asserting itself as a leader. Panetto brand in the marketing of “well food” bakery products.


FOPELDA, SA is committed to dynamically managing food quality and safety management systems as tools for continuous improvement of food quality and safety in the provision of its services and in the manufacture of foodstuff.


FOPELDA, SA recognizes the need to promote value creation in the community where it operates. In this way it has been promoting and developing initiatives in the local society, namely in the donation of food products to the needy ones


The adoption of Quality and Food Safety requirements at FOPELDA, SA has as main objectives:

  • Comply with food safety and hygiene standards, identify, assess and control food safety hazards to ensure the provision of safe and high quality food based on legal and regulatory requirements (ISO 9001 and IFS Food);
  • Meet customer needs and expectations;
  • Demand from suppliers high levels of quality and food safety;
  • Motivate, involve and promote the continuous training of employees to perform their duties to exceed the expectations of customers;
  • Continuously improve quality, food safety, productivity, services, competitiveness and proactivity in solving potential problems;
  • Promote and disseminate the quality and food safety policy to customers, suppliers and employees so that it is understood, implemented and maintained.
  • Invest in defense and respect the environment by promoting the efficient management of waste produced;
  • Ensure effective communication between stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, employees, partners and statutory and regulatory authorities.
  • Comply with the legal provisions.


The Food Quality and Safety Policy is based on integrity values ​​and ethical standards of honesty, loyalty, trust and transparency regarding people and legal and regulatory provisions, with the main objective of guaranteeing a high level of health protection for their customers.

The Administration of FOPELDA SA